Ashwa Sanchalanasana is Sanskrit and means Horse Riding Posture. T he posture is quite simple: you place your hands to the side of your foot and step with the right leg back, keeping the right knee on the ground. You can adjust the posture by moving the left foot little more to the front and feeling a little stretch at the right pelvis and hips.

Nowadays, life is busier than ever and yoga has become a trend that not only lacks its traditional roots but also individual attention to the male and female body. Both are different are so are their hormones and needs

Ashwa Sanchalan asana

We cannot say that the asanas that are good for men are good for women and vice versa. Especially in very hectic times, we are always on the run, have lots of responsibilities and often disconnect due to huge amounts of stress and oppressed emotions. 

The female body is very sensitive and responds to stress and hectic lifestyle differently than the male one. Increased amounts of stress, result in more androgen production in the female body. Androgens are the male hormones. When the female body has more androgens than needed, it has difficulties to maintain a pain-free and regular menstruation (which should be normal) resulting in various imbalances in the cycle and reproductive system if not treated/improved over time.

When we relate this to Ashwa Sanchalan asana yoga pose, which is originally a therapeutic and medically-orientated approach from the Vedas (ancient scriptures in India, originally in Sanskrit), we can find some solutions and practical assistance how to balance the female body and its hormones.

Ashwa Sanchalan asana or Horse riding pose increases the estrogen hormones in the body, the female hormones through the intensive stretch at the pelvic region (ovaries internally, that’s where estrogens are produced). It is a great asana for women to assist in maintaining and increasing the female hormones especially during times of stress and experiences with cycle irregularities, PCOS, infertility or endometriosis. Such reproductive system related issues and diseases are often connected to increases level of androgens and lack of enough female hormones.

Please do not forget that each asana has a tremendous effect on the body. It works on all levels including the physical level and endocrine system. So any asana should be understood well before practicing it and it needs to matching your individual body type and current need!