Emotional Blockage Treatment

Emotional Unblocking Treatment

Emotional Blockage Treatment

In the Philosophy class, I learned the beautiful meaning of the Sanskrit word “Tapa” which means to take pain as part of growth. In that sense, the Emotional Blockage Treatment comes to mean that for me. “Go heal the internal pain through physical pain”. Our physical body is completely related to our emotions, so this technique goes from the most obvious that is our body to reach the invisible, our real “I”.

All of us, we are carry some pains, sufferings, perhaps from past lives, perhaps from our childhood, perhaps our parents’ inheritance, but all of us come with that burden. This technique allows us to heal internal pain.

This treatment is the complement of meditation, breathing, and yoga, as it should activate our internal energy and have the ability to overcome the physical pain barrier.

Is essential to create a relaxed environment, especially for those of us who are beginners, this means an atmosphere of silence, with music that invites us to relax. Emotional Blockage Treatment must be done from love, from peace, only with this will achieve real and beautiful results.


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