300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

Gyan Yog Breath established a unique 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India with a focus on specific audiences, yoga therapy, and Ayurveda.

The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India – accredited by Yoga Alliance – is for yoga teachers who have previously completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India with a registered yoga alliance school.

If you are interested to advance your personal practice, yogic wisdom, and teaching skills to the highest level, the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India at Gyan Yog Breath will be the right fit.

Besides the daily schedule, you will study about Ayurveda and learn to remove accumulated energy blocks through Emotional Blockage® Treatment.

During the course, you will be trained to teach various groups of people with common problems (hyperthyroidism, hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, depression & arthritis), pregnant women, children, seniors (chair yoga) and corporates.

As a team of highly experienced Indian masters and international yoga instructors, we provide the Best 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India for you. We are here to help you build confidence and give you useful tips and honest feedback on how to improve as a yoga instructor.

Teaching regular teacher training courses for more than a decade has helped us to fine-tune with our students and establish the most enriching course curriculum and content. Throughout the 300 hour yoga teacher training in India,  we will break your limitations and guide you to be the best version of yourself.

A large focus is put on correct alignment and teaching the knows and whys of modifications through the aid of props (bolster, wall, belt, block, pillow). We encourage you to create challenging and diverse classes. 

We believe that the correct adjustment, explanation, and modification of postures maximize the student’s benefits.


We invite you to continue to connect with the true essence of yoga and re-discover your authentic Self. By learning new techniques and teaching skills, you will be able to confidently express your unique teaching voice.

The 300 hour yoga teacher training in India at Gyan Yog Breath demands foundational knowledge, discipline, and commitment

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    We invite you to continue to connect with the true essence of yoga and re-discover your authentic Self. By learning new techniques and teaching skills, you will be able to confidently express your unique teaching voice.

    The 300 hour yoga teacher training in India at Gyan Yog Breath demands foundational knowledge, discipline, and commitment

    During the 21-Day 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India course you will:

    The 300 hour yoga teacher training classes are held six days a week. On Sundays, you will have a holiday to relax and rejuvenate

    We provide two included excursion for you to local sights and surroundings on your first  day off.

    Why is this 300 hour yoga teacher training in India so unique ?

    Gyan Yog Breath is one of the leading yoga teacher training schools in India. 

    The non-profit organization has specialized in teaching the traditional approach of yoga with interactive and modern methodologies. One of the unique features is the Emotional Blockage® Treatment by Bipin Gyan

    With more than 2500 graduates worldwide, Gyan Yog Breath is one of the oldest and most experienced yoga schools in India. 99% of the student reviews highly recommend participating in a yoga teacher training at Gyan Yog Breath.

    The team consists of both Indian and European staff who know the importance of building a bridge between east and west. The teacher training students always feel safe and understood. We speak your language (English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese & Hindi).

     We, at Gyan Yog Breath, provide the best 300 Hour yoga teacher training in India for you as we pick you up from where you are at and take you to the next level. We show you what lies beneath the surface of what you know already and make sure you leave us as a radiant, confident and inspiring individual and yoga instructor.

    We prefer individual guidance and a personal setting, that’s why our student number for this course has been limited to 10 only. Hence, we can ensure the best supervision, one-on-one feedback, and hand-on adjustment.

    We provide 9 Comprehensive Course Books as PDFs for you prior to course begin

    300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India - Curriculum

    Our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India covers the complete Hatha and ashtanga asana practice.

    Influenced by great yogis like B.K.S.Iyenger, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Sivananda, and Maharishi Mahesh, you can expect to take your yoga practice to more advanced levels and elevate your teaching practice completely.

    During the yoga teacher training, the asana practice will help you to increase mindful moving, breath awareness, physical and mental strength and refresh all asana Sanskrit names, meaning, and benefit.

    According to the yogic scriptures, Prana is the force behind the state of existence

    In us humans, it has manifested as breath. Through breath modification or control, we can attain countless physical and mental benefits. A regular practice induces a profound awakening of consciousness.

    During the 300 hour yoga teacher training, you can expect to practice and teach more advanced pranayama techniques and expand your perceptions.

    As the core intention of this teacher training program, you will learn how to improve your teaching skills and develop a unique way of expression. Hence, we provide as many teaching practice opportunities for you as possible. Your teachers will share secret tips and tricks on how to sequence, structure, and design your class. You can expect to become an expert in creating the right setting and inspiring content for your students. Through props, alignment, and theoretical elements, you will learn how to modify a class according to your student’s physical and mental conditions. 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training topics to be covered:

    • Evolve and progress through teaching practice
    • Increase confidence
    • Promote uniqueness
    • Ensure student safety
    • Gain inspiration on designing and sequencing
    • Re-fine time management and setting
    • Individual focus & fair attention distribution
    • Self-Reflection
    • The ethics of a yoga teacher
    • How to incorporate the Yamas and niyamas

    Ayurveda is an important part of yoga; they are closely related. The Science of Life enhances your understanding of the body and its needs. 

    The Ayurveda classes of the 300 Hour teacher training in India, will teach you about the body types, the concept of Ayurveda, the right food combinations, nutrition, physical toxins, and healing herbs. At the Gyan Yog Breath Ashram, we have our own Ayurveda doctor who will be accessible throughout the course for individual consultations and pulse diagnose.

    The daily meditation class aims to ground you and give you a chance to reflect on yourself and your learning outcomes. Various techniques are introduced during the teacher training which you will be able to teach at Meditation teaching practice.

    Learn how to incorporate meditative elements into your yoga class. You will cover mantra meditation, power of transformation meditation, awareness expansion, Kundalini meditative practice, and Ancient Indian Meditation.

    Understanding the philosophy behind yoga is as important as the practice itself. Studying the ancient concepts of Yoga according to Patanjali Yog Sutras, Baghavad Gita, Samkhya Philosophy, Hatha Pradipika, Ashtanga, and Kriya Yoga will allow you to shift your perspective and uncover the next layer of your yogic journey.

    During the yoga teacher training, you will learn to advance your interpersonal communication skills and find the answers to your questions.

    Swami Bipin Gyan, the founder of Gyan Yog Breath and the Emotional Blockage® Treatment spent almost 7 years in silence and sustained meditation. He lived in caves and near a riverbank near Manali and Gangotri to live a simple yogi life, away from society. 

    After numerous years, he completed his desire for meditation and knew it was the right time to share his experience and knowledge with aspiring teachers and spiritual seekers. Swami Bipin Gyan exclusively introduces the Emotional Blockage® Treatment at Gyan Yog Breath and their partner schools.

    It is a healing therapy that releases oppressed emotions, energy, and tightness from the physical and mental body. The treatment helps you to feel lighter, peaceful and finally let go of past trauma and pain. 

    During the yoga teacher training, you will receive and give this treatment to others.

    Read more about the Emotional Blockage® Treatment

    Applied Ayurveda means that you will move from your theoretical knowledge of Ayurveda into practice. During this class, we will teach you how to:

    • Make Ayurvedic liver detox tea
    • Do Ayurvedic face and hair masks
    • Do Ayurvedic Gardening
    • Detox your body according to Ayurveda
    • Make Tulsi and herbal Tea

    Karma Yoga means selfless action. Here we will take some actions for humanity and common wealth.

    As a yoga instructor and practitioner, you should be familiar with the anatomy and physiology of yoga.

    Perfect health states that all body systems work in harmony together.

    If one of the systems is out of balance, all others are disturbed and cannot function properly anymore.

    In the Anatomy classes of your yoga teacher training, you will learn about the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, skeletal, muscular, endocrine and digestive system and how they are related to yoga.

    We pay special attention to how yoga positively impacts the physical body and hormonal glands

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      Next Available 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India Dates

      March 2024: 01/03/2024 – 21/03/2024

      Admission Closed

      April 2024: 01/04/2024 – 21/04/2024

      Available seats: 4

      July 2025: 01/07/2025 – 25/07/2025

      Available seats: 6

      August 2025: 01/08/2025 – 21/08/2025

      Available seats: 8

      300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India - Schedule
      Time Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
      07:00 - 08:00AM
      Shatkarma and Pranayama
      Shatkarma and Pranayama
      Therapeutic Pranayama Teaching Practice
      08:00 - 08:30AM
      Tea Break
      Tea Break
      Tea Break
      08:30 - 10:00AM
      Hatha Yoga Practice with Alignment and Use of Props
      Hatha Yoga Practice with Alignment and Use of Props
      Hatha Yoga Practice with Alignment and Use of Props
      10:00 - 11:00AM
      11:00 - 12:00PM
      12:00 - 01:00PM
      Yoga Anatomy and Physiology
      Teaching Practice
      Teaching Practice
      01:00 - 02:00PM
      Fruits & Tea
      Fruits & Tea
      Fruits & Tea
      02:00 - 03:00PM
      Teaching Methodology in Therapeutic Context
      Teaching Practice Preparation and Class Designing
      Clarification Round with Dr. Kumar
      03:00 - 04:00PM
      Karma Yoga
      Applied Ayurveda
      Study Break and Exam Preparation
      04:00 - 05:30PM
      Asana Practice
      Asana Practice
      Teaching Practice
      06:00 - 07:00PM
      Emotional Blockage® Treatment
      300 Hour yoga teacher training reviews

      Course Fees & Prices

      This is a residential 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India. The fee includes the course, course materials, food, accommodation & more.


      $ 2500


      $ 2700

      Students who already completed their 200 Hour residential YTT with Gyan Yog Breath can receive our 15% graduate discount.

      Limited Early Bird Discounts:

      1. Reserve your seat two months prior course start and receive 100$ USD off
      2. Reserve your seat three months prior course start and receive 200$ USD off
      3. Sign up four months prior course start and receive 300$ USD off

      The early bird discount will be added automatically and shown in your booking confirmation

      Friend Discounts:

      • If you bring your friend or partner to the training, you can receive another 50$ USD off each.
      • If you bring two friends, you can receive 100$ USD off each.
      The Fees include:
      • 22 days Accommodation
      • 2 Ayurvedic consultations (pulse diagnose)
      • New yoga mat
      • 2 ayurvedic vegetarian or vegan meals per day +  unlimited fruits
      • Use of towels, bed sheets and pillows
      • unlimited tea and water
      • 5 Course books and 2 Booklets
      • 9 Course books as PDFs in advance
      • Indian mala
      • A white School T-Shirt
      • Neti Pot & Sutra
      • One taxi pick up from Dehradun to Rishikesh
      • Welcoming and Graduation Ceremony
      • Yoga Alliance Certification after successful completion
      • Post-graduate assistance 

      If you wish to have heating or air conditioning, prepare to pay 200$ for each extra.

      200 hour yoga teacher training

      During your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India with us, you will be staying at our sustainable and peaceful ashram in Visthapit, Rishikesh.  The ashram is located next to the Rajaji national park and Ganges river which provides you with beautiful scenery and natural sounds, away from the disturbing noises of the market. Here you can enter into your inner journey while watching the birds and spotting an elephant across the river.

      There are two bright yoga shala, a roof-terrace, sitting space, restaurant, and 20 rooms.

      All rooms are equipped with an attached bathroom and hot water. All rooms have either balcony or small terrace. 

      The restaurant is set up with a buffet board, benches and tables, a filtration system, and an amazing view of the Ganges River & Himalayan Mountains.

      Food and Nutrition
      Yoga Students Lunch At Gyan Yog Breath
      During your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India, we provide two freshly prepared vegetarian or vegan meals per day (including Sundays). All meals are homemade and cooked with love by our expert chefs. We do not use any processed or frozen ingredients. Seasonal fruits and vegetables will make you feel nourished, energized and ready to learn and practise. We make our own soy milk, paneer, coconut milk, peanut butter, tofu and bread. If you have any allergies or intolerance, please let us know in advance so our cooks can prepare everything for you. We cater for gluten-free as well! For Brunch we serve tea, seasonal fruits, sweet or salty porridge, home-made coconut and soy milk, oats, Indian Breakfast (Poha or Paratha), home-made peanut butter and bread.

      For Dinner we serve seasonal vegetables, rice, chapati, pulses (dhal), soups and salad. Sometimes, we will serve some Western and sweet dishes for more variety.

      During your afternoon break, we provide tea and fresh seasonal fruits for you (unlimited).

      At Gyan Yog Breath, we encourage a healthy and positive mindset towards food and our body, emphasizing the essence of the yogic ayurvedic diet.

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      Assessment and Evaluation

      • During the 300 hour yoga teacher training in India, you will have written assessments and practical evaluations
      • A minimum of 95% attendance is required to complete the program
      • Attendance doesn’t ensure certification: all assessments are obligatory

      Yoga Alliance Certification

      • This is an advanced Yoga Alliance certified 300 hour yoga teacher training
      • Our certified graduates can register with Yoga Alliance as RYT-500
      • Please note that only students can attend this training who completed a registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program previously
      Further Regulations and Refund Policy
      • At Gyan Yog Breath, we tolerate and respect any individual, ethnicity and belief
      • Each student’s social behaviour is of great importance. The student must follow the ashram rules at any time.
      • The confirmation fee of 200 USD has to be paid in advance and in non-refundable
      •  All School  Terms and Conditions apply
      • 00Hours
      • 00Minutes
      • 00Seconds

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