My Yoga Teacher Training in India at Gyan Yog Breath

Did you know that Rishikesh is the world capital of yoga? I read about Rishikesh in a yoga journal and the city immediately caught my attention. Practicing yoga in Austria gave me some insights into asana and pranayama, but somehow I knew that there was more to explore, to learn, and to experience. So I decided to complete a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India.

Rishikesh has so many yoga schools, programs, and YTTCs to offer, so I started my research online. I simply googled Yoga Teacher Training in India. After some days of spending hours on various websites, I came to see Gyan Yog Breath. I felt immediately connected and attracted to this school and program and was very curious about Emotional Blockage Treatment and the Ayurveda party of the course.

Have you had this feeling of knowing that this is the right thing to do?

After a few e-mails and questions, I booked the course and began to mentally and physically prepare.

A month of Transformation, Magic, and Challenges

Coming to India for the first time was scary for me at first. Dharma, one of the managers at Gyan Yog Breath made me feel comfortable and welcome immediately.

I got an Indian Chai (so much better than chai in Austria ?) and was taken to my room. The rooftop at Gyan Yog Breath invites you to look over Rishikesh city, the Ganges, and the Himalayas.

The next day my Yoga Teacher Training started with a Fire Ceremony. That was totally new for me. They call it Pooja (I don’t know how to spell it) and such a ceremony aims to remove obstacles, purify your mind, spirit and support you to learn well. In India, such a fire ceremony is celebrated when something new is starting.

The 21 days of my Yoga Teacher Training in India passed by so quickly. The first days were about settling in, overcoming my mental fluctuations, emotions, and self-doubts.

After the first week, I felt so much energy. I removed a lot of tension, stress and even lost weight.

The yoga classes, but also philosophy and Emotional Blockage® Treatment were very interesting. I learned a lot and began to see yoga from a very different angle.

Learning yoga in India makes you understand that it’s completely different from what we know about it in the west. I am feeling like a new person now. Lighter, cleaner, healthier, happier, and stronger. It feels like my mind has become washed, purified, and detoxified.

I can highly recommend joining a Yoga Teacher Training here if you are ready to grow personally.

Of course, such a Yoga Teacher Training in India is not always easy, don’t get me wrong. There are times when you are tired, emotional, stressed, and homesick.  But for me, it was great to overcome these challenges and take them as opportunities to learn and continue.

I am feeling so much love for all my classmates, teachers, and friends that I made along my journey. Now my new journey has started and I am happy to start teaching yoga at home.

Namasté and Thank you 



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  1. Hi
    I want join 300 hours Yoga teachers training in August can I found early bird discount.i not have enough money and I have holiday in August only and I really want join in your school.

    1. Namaste Victoria
      Thanks for your comment! We would love to have you on our 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in India this August. Our Yoga teacher training will start on the first of August 2018 at 7am. With the early bird discount you will pay 400$ less! So hopefully thats suitable for you!
      Please visit:
      Here you can find all infos regarding accommodation, teachers, syllabus and schedule.
      We will also send you another email with some more details 🙂
      We are excited to meet you soon!
      Love and Light
      Your Gyan Yog Breath Team

  2. Hi friend I am sharing my experience during the Yoga teacher training in India that is amazing experience ever I had in my life now I know what I will do for my journey ,happiness no confusion clears mind after the yoga teacher training thanks school and teacher for help