Rishikesh: A City like in a fairy-tale 

Four years ago, I read the book “Siddharta” by Hermann Hesse. It talked about the beautiful Country of India including Rishikesh also known as Yoganagri and its magical touch. I searched for answers about who I am and my purpose in life. At 19, I had no idea about where to go in my life.

During the summer I worked at a big media Company where I earned good Money (luckily). So I booked my flight to India for the following January.

I flew to Delhi and took the bus to Rishikesh.

I was fascinated by the City at first sight. The City is divided into two parts by the holy Ganges river. Two huge bridged connect both sides.

There are many People crossing the Bridge together with Motorbikes, cows (!!) and pigs.

If you haven’t been there, you won’t believe me. It’s incredible!

Rishikesh has an amazing Vibration. All People have come to explore themselves and learn what you cannot learn in your Country.  They (and also myself) have come to learn about the simple life, the happy life, the compassionate life.

Yes, at first Rishikesh is very confusing but after a few days I settled in and began to understand its “logic”. What you do here, immediately affects you.

If you think ” I want to meet someone inspiring who can teach me Meditation”, you WILL actually manifest this thought within a few hours.

It’s crazy!

I love India and Rishikesh so much and will come back as soon as possible.



4 Responses

  1. How inspiring! I read this book as well!
    Have you completed your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Gyan Yog Breath Yoga School or somewhere else?

    1. Yes I did my 200 Hour Teacher Training at Gyan Yog Breath and will also do my 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training there in March 2018 😀
      What about you?

  2. Nice! Yeah I am looking atm…. but I’m almost sure I’ll do my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Gyan Yog Breath as well. I love the content & facilities. Looks really amazing.
    I was going to do a 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training actually but i cant take 2 months off work :/

  3. It’s a beaaautiful place with such loving and caring teachers! Definitely the best environment to learn! I felt like in a yoga family 😀
    Enjoy your Yoga TTC in Rishikesh ! The City is a dream!