Forward Fold Uttanasana

A session of yoga practise can be extremely good for both your body and mind and can enhance both these faculties significantly. It will also make you focused and flexible.

If you don’t feel “strong” enough, you can elevate your yoga practise with some strength Training. It is less about gaining extreme muscles within a short period and going to the gym a lot.

With strength Training, we mean a yoga practise that aims to work on certain parts of your Body. To increase strength in your arms and shoulders for instance you can come to a wall.

Place your yoga mat by the wall. Now sit straight on the mat with your buttocks on the ground and back aligned with the wall. Come into Paschimottan Asana and fix your hands next to your feet.

Now try to bring your legs up on the wall and keep your hands on the ground to form a 90° angle.

Hold the Position for 1 Minute and then slowly release and relax your shoulders and arms. This is a great preparation for shoulder and Hand stand.





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