Eka Pada Pranamasana (One-Legged Prayer Pose) – Benefits, Adjustment & Cautions

Eka Pada Pranamasana aims to develop nervous balance and strengthens the leg, ankle and foot muscles. You might know this posture as Vrikshasana or Tree Pose. In traditional Hatha Yoga, Eka Pada Pranamasana is usually performed after the Surya Namaskar as Standing Balancing Pose. Not only does it help you to achieve physical balance, it also creates a better connection between the left and right brain halves. Spiritually it is said to balance the feminine and masculine energies as well. Do you want to know how to perform Eka Pada Pranamasana? Here are the Step-by-Step Instructions for you:


  1. Stand up with the feet together and the arms at the sides
  2. Focus the gaze on a fixed point in front of the body
  3. Bend the right leg, grasp the ankle and place the sole of the foot on the inside of the left thigh
  4. The heel should be close to the perineum and the right knee should point out to the side
  5. When the body is balanced, place the hands into prayer position or pranam mudra in front of your chest


  • Increases physical and mental balance
  • Balances the nervous system
  • Strengthens the legs
  • Strengthens the ankles and foot muscles
  • Brings calmness and steadiness


There are no cautions for this asana.

Important Notes:

When you practise yoga, you should always keep in mind that it’s unhealthy to practise with a full stomach. Ideally, there should be a 3-4 hour gap between the last meal so that you don’t put extra pressure on your stomach and digestive system. Alos, it is recommended to practise yoga with comfortable and loose clothes. Why? Because too tight clothes distrub your energy flow. Many yogis, monks and practitioners practise yoga in loose cotton trousers and shirts so that they avoid physical pressure on their body. You should try it out!

Yoga Asana Practise at Gyan Yog Breath

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