The Top 5 Asanas that Help to Control Type 2 Diabetes

The number of Type 2 Diabetics has increased drastically during the last 10 years. But what is Type 2 Diabetes really?

It is an auto-immune system that destroys healthy body cells inside the pancreas. These cells are responsible for creating insulin, a hormone needed to break down glucose in the body. When there is less insulin, the body struggles to maintain a stable blood sugar level and becomes dependent on external help (insulin medication) or a complete change of lifestyle/diet. Type 2 Diabetes is caused by a rather unhealthy lifestyle, the wrong diet (excess sugary, oily, and carbohydrate-rich diet), and too little physical movement.

The problem with diabetes is, that fluctuating sugar levels in the body lead to weaker organs, organ damage, a weak nervous and digestive system, mood swings, and uncontrolled emotions. The goal should be to reverse the disease and protect the organs, hence increasing life expectancy and quality.

The good news is that this type of Diabetes can be reversed, so a diabetic person can cure this form of diabetes and all its symptoms by following a better diet, exercising, and working towards strengthening the pancreas again.

Many allopathic doctors focus on making the body dependent on external insulin injections or medication, but actually, you can control type 2 diabetes by regulating your diet only and practicing Asanas to tone the pancreas and bodily systems.

In traditional yoga and yoga therapy, we focus on asanas that put a slight pressure on the pancreas, twist it, and stretch it. So here, 

we have listed the Top 5 Asanas that Help Control Type 2 Diabetes:


Mandukasana is translated to Frog Pose in English. It looks similar to Child Pose, however here you first need to press two fists on the center of your abdomen. After that, you can fold forward and rest your forehead on the ground. While staying in this position, you can feel the pressure of your fists in your abdomen which is very good to stimulate your pancreas and improve circulation.


Dhanurasana, or Bow Pose, creates direct pressure on the abdomen and pancreas which is helpful to reactive insulin production. Besides that, Dhanurasana also improves respiratory function and spinal dislocations which is also helpful to those who exercise less.


Supta Udarakarshanasana is translated to Reclined Stomach Squeezing Pose in English. It’s a pitta (fire) activating asana and helps to improve the digestive system (many diabetics tend to have lower digestive power, hyper-acidity, and constipation). The Pose also releases accumulated Vata and toxins from the pancreas and digestive tract, making it stronger and healthier.


Matsya Kridasana or the Flapping Fish Pose is a Pawanmuktasana (Energy Releasing Asana) that creates intra-abdominal pressure and improves blood circulation in the abdominal area. It’s a rejuvenating and restorative pose, perfectly suitable for diabetics. 


Bhujangasana is translated to Cobra Pose in English. This asana stimulates the nervous system, stretches the abdomen and pancreas, and creates more stability and calmness (Kapha Insreasing Asana).


The combination here is the key: A well-balanced selection of asana in combination with a regulated, simple diet and enough hydration can lead to fewer symptoms, blood sugar control, and even the reverse of diabetes type 2.

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