Should You Take a Teacher Training To Deepen Your Practice?

I remember, when I just landed at Dehradun airport, I was waiting for my transport to get to Gyan Yog
Breath school, for my yoga teacher training. Sitting quietly on a bench, surrounded by impressive
mountains, it was the perfect set-up for some reflection.
I knew I was about to meet many other fellow yogis, and I have to admit I was holding a bit of
nervosity inside. I told myself : “ Wow, all of us want to become yoga teachers, is there really enough
room in the world for so many people who graduates each month, here in India, or anywhere else
in the world ? ». Then ultimately, I was feeling incertitude about doing the yoga teacher training
because I wasn’t sure if I was ready enough.

Later at night, we were all sitting in the yoga hall, taking a moment to introduce ourself one by
one. I realized I was all wrong about my conception of a yoga teacher training. We all had our
particular intentions and reasons about doing the training. Some only wished to learn more about
their personal practice, some initially didn’t want to teach and changed mind over the course, some
wanted to gain more experience after the training and then eventually start to teach, some knew
they wanted to teach as soon as possible and some were already teachers, new, or experienced.

Looking back, I understand my initial belief about a yoga teacher training was a bit unclear. I thought
that, by definition, a yoga teacher training was reserved for aspiring yoga teachers and that people
who wanted to gain experience would go on a retreat. So if you are also seeking for more clarity and
answers, hear this, it is absolutely not needed to aim to become teacher to join the journey. Yoga
teacher training is for everyone. In fact, it is probably the most efficient action you can take if you
want to deepen your practice. You can see it as a launch point that will establish the very foundation
of the yoga knowledge.
The yoga journey is endless, there is always more to learn, always more to discover. A yoga teacher
training is a guarantee to expand your knowledge and to develop a strong understanding of yoga.