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Just as the river, any river really, is always there from beginning till end, from the well to the river mouth. And just as it has neither past nor future but is just here now, so has this Yoga Teacher Training been for me. It is as if the yoga has washed away my past blinded my future and brought me back to just this, here now.

Yoga asanas have different names that have sprung from nature; this makes them even more worthy for me. Because not only am I in the here and now performing an asana or a flow, I am also reminded that I am a part of nature and it of me. In the end, we (all the beings under the sun) are all made of the same stardust, the molecules are the same in the tree, the butterfly, and my body. They are only arranged differently.

Always my physical body is here to observe for my real I the life I am leading now. All the pain and suffering that this body has is and will endure is just that, this body, and this shell. My real existence is beyond this body and this mind. The asanas during the Yoga Teacher Training have also thought me that that I can go further with this body, reach further and go deeper, not only in a pose but also in life. Living as a yogi, rising early (easy because I am a morning person) nurturing the body instead of demanding from it, and have a different relationship with food (see it more as a nurture after hard work as opposed to using it as a distraction) has really surprised me. I thought that I would have a hard time with it, but I see myself eating less than is provided, just because I am nourished in another way.

I can see that meditation can be seen as soul food. Just as my body became able to do more, my mind has become able to do less.  It has taught me the art of stillness requires true action. For me chanting and sitting in silence will always be the go-to meditation practice. Just because my mind is full most of the time, I need the stillness and physical rest to focus on my mind. Reciting the Hail Mary of Our Father, chanting Nam Myo ho ren get Kyo or just breathing Ohm will be interchangeable; I just see them as sides of the cosmic coin. They are just vessels to carry our mind into thoughtlessness. Not looking, but still seeing is, I think, the greatest benefit of meditation I learn during the yoga teacher training India. You learn to look beyond.

But here I learned that movement can teach my mind to be silent, to be here, to be now and most of all, be empty. Trough the stillness comes peace and my peace can help others. Just by listening to my inner stillness, without remorse, judgment or feeling. Makes it possible for me to listen to others more clearly. And not saying anything (which is difficult for me) can be soothing for other just telling their story. Advice can come without words, just being here for others can be helpful, but I will need my inner stillness for that, and that is what I have learned here. For which I am grateful.

Another thing I am great full for is the emotional unblocking class.


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