The Ultimate Packing List For Your Yoga Teacher Training

You are traveling to India to complete your first yoga teacher training? That’s awesome! Taking some time off your usual 9-to-5 life can be the foundational step towards self-growth, evolution, and new opportunities. Practicing yoga regularly and integrating mindfulness and compassion into your day are necessary prerequisites in order to begin a new chapter of your life.

But what to pack for when traveling to India and doing yoga teacher training?

This Ultimate Packing List will hopefully help you to stay cool and remember a few important things:

1. Alarm or Phone

You are probably going to start your days as early as 5:30 AM so make sure to bring an alarm or your phone so that you wake up in time!

2. Comfortable Clothes

As one of the most important points to remember is to bring comfortable clothes that are light and loose and that makes you feel good. Don’t pack any heavy or too tight clothes. India has a very hot and humid climate so the looser and lighter your clothes, the better. Also, to respect the culture, you should avoid wearing too short clothes.

3. Sunglasses, Sun Creme and Hat

Yes, makes sure to be prepared in terms of the sun! If you are traveling between February and November, sunglasses, sun creme, and a hat should be on your list! The sun is very sharp and hot in India!

4. Muesli bars or nuts

Ideal for your travels and a little energy booster during your yoga teacher training: pack some muesli bars or nuts to give your brain some extra energy. Not that you won’t be given lots of yummy healthy food, but meals are only available at mealtimes so in case you need a snack in between, this is for you!

5. Flip Flops and Sports Shoes

In India, it’s common to remove the shoes before entering a home or yoga shala. Flip flops will be easy and quick to remove and perfect for the weather! For city or nature strolls, excursions and trekking you should bring some comfortable shoes or sports shoes.

6. Small Towels For Yoga

Even your yoga school will provide your towels in the room, bring some small ones just for your yoga practice. In case your hands get sweaty, it’s handy to have one nearby!

7. Refill-able Water Bottle (Not Plastic)

Bring a water bottle made from copper, metal, or glass that you can re-use, re-fill and have by your side to stay hydrated! Filtered water is perfectly fine to drink.