How Can I stick to My Practice after A Yoga Teacher Training? 6 Simple Tricks

Have you completed a yoga teacher training recently and wonder how to stick to your practice, cope with your new knowledge and get started teaching? First of all, congratulations on taking this mile-stone and committing to a transformational journey within! A yoga teacher training is a very challenging thing to do and requires lots of effort, discipline, focus and surrender. You must have covered up to 9 hours of classes per day, six days a week which is very intensive. Learning so much about yourself and releasing tension, fears and old baggage can create a lot of freedom and joy. Once you graduate, you are done, and lots of people feel a little nervous about that as a guided routine is missing. In this post, we compromised the 6 most important tricks to help you re-establish your inner balance, continue your daily life and practice.

1. Take A Moment to Breathe and Detach

Alright, you just spent a month of daily training, hours of theory and practical classes per day. Now, it’s time to adjust, breathe and detach. It’s ok, not to have such a heavy practice anymore. A yoga teacher training is not your everyday life, even though it might have been awesome and extremely enriching. Take a little distance once you reflected and processed everything. Learn to accept the fact that you won’t be able to practice as much as you wish to now. Don’t feel guilty!

2.Set yourself a Fixed Time for Your Daily Morning/Evening Practice (30-90 Minutes)

This is probably one of the most important tips: it does make a difference to set yourself a daily time for your practice. The best time of the day to practise yoga in the early morning. So why not fix time before the daily hectic begins? Imagine, going to work and doing what you do, with a clear and sharp mind, relaxed body and feeling of lightness and peace. Yep, that’s something amazing! If you try to set yourself 30 to 90 minutes per day for your personal yoga practice (this can include meditation, pranayama as well of course), it will have a very positive effect on your tasks, well-being and health. Some people prefer to practise during the evenings to calm down after a busy day, that’s great as well!

3.Apply For A Teaching Position or Begin to Teach Your Friends in the Park/At home

Hey, you are a yoga teacher now! With your RYS 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification, you can officially call yourself a yoga teacher and apply for yoga jobs. You can either work at a local studio, gym or begin with teaching your friends and family at home or outdoors. Beginning to teach right away, helps you to stay in your flow of sharing, teaching and building confidence. Even it might feel scary, you can do it! Just jump right into it!

4. Eat Healthily, Drink Water and Avoid Alcohol/Smoking

Stick to your healthy diet, drink lots of water and make sure to nourish your body with care and love. You are what you eat. Anything you put into your body has an immediate effect on what you say, do and feel. Avoid ingesting toxins like alcohol, too much fried and processed food. You should be aware that smoking is just as harmful and should be avoided completely. Your health is your wealth and contributes to a happy life! Following a healthy diet and lifestyle automatically supports your yoga practice and flexibility.

5.Apply Your New Knowledge into your Life

It’s not only about yoga asanas! You gained very comprehensive and complex knowledge about the philosophy of yoga, it’s importance, meaning and history as well. Try to integrate the basics into your daily life such as for example yamas and niyamas. Speak with compassion, help others and stay present with your actions.

6. Don’t lecture everyone around you (Only those who ask for it)

After your yoga teacher training, you are packed with knowledge and probably surprised how much you learnt in a few weeks. Advancing your practice so quickly and becoming familiar with all the ancient wisdom and techniques is simply incredible. Once you are back at home, make sure not to lecture others just because you feel like something needs to be taught. This can cause some imbalances and you will want to avoid that. Not everyone is ready to grow, evolve or understand what you do. Share with those who ask for it and who feel inspired by you!

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