A perfect handstand may look super easy. However, it requires a lot of practice and patience. Indeed, a certain strenght is needed to be able to hold in a free handstand, but improving your technique will be a total game changer. Try to follow these tips for a more efficient way to work in the handstand. When you reach the proper alignment, your handstand will become more effortless. Not able to hold it free yet ? No problem, practice with the wall and perfect it there first by looking for these exact same cues. a quick guide to improve your handstand skill


For a demonstration in action, watch the short tutorial below:

Tips to remember ! – When kicking up to the handstand, you should use your core and legs muscles to be able to control it. In fact, there is no extreme strength involved, it is more about learning how to shift your weight properly. With practice, you will get to know exactly how much force you need to reach the handstand and to not fall over. -The most important part is the pelvis. Learning how to use it properly it what helped me the most in my handstand practice, it is your center of gravity, therefore, it is a crucial element of your handstand. Plus, if you apply this technique of rotating your pelvis, your bottocks will automatically be engaged and your belly will get in the correct position.
Stay patient and see you upside down!

Benefits of Handstand:

  • Excellent to improve your balance
  • Activate all your muscles
  • Strenghten your spine
  • Increase bone health in your wrists, arms and shoulders
  • Increase the blood flow in your entire body
  • Stimulates your digestion
  • Reduce the production of cortisol, the stress hormone
  • Improve your concentration


  • Perform on empty stomach
  • Women should avoid the posture when pregnant and during menstruations
  • You should avoid the posture if you have wrists, shoulds, back or neck injuries
  • The posture should be avoid in case of high blood pressure and heart problems
  • If you are begginer or fear to fall, you should practice the posture with the support of the wall or the help from a teacher who can spot you

Necessary Preparations:

Before practising handstand, you should always incorporate a little warm-up. In traditional Hatha Yoga this is an essential element to avoid injuries, strains and cartilage depletion. If you look at Handstand, there is a lot of pressure on the wrists, arms and shoulders. Hence, wrists, shoulder and elbow rotations are a must-do prior practice. Often practitioner think that it’s not needed, yet they wonder where the pain is coming from. So make sure to be prepared and care for your body!

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