Grivasana (Neck Pose) – Instructions, Benefits and Cautions

Grivasana is also known as Neck Pose. It counts as an advanced posture in yoga. Grivasana can be a quite strenuous pose so make sure you are prepared and practise yoga regularly before attempting this asana. It is not suitable for beginner or people with cervical spondylitis.


  1. Lie flat on the back
  2. Bend he knees and bring the heels up to touch the buttocks
  3. The knees and feet should be slightly separated
  4. Place the palms on the ground on either side of the head
  5. Push down on the hands and feet and raise the trunk, placing the crown of the head on the floor
  6. Balance on the head and feet
  7. Raise the arms and cross them on the chest
  8. This is the final position
  9. Hold for as long as comfortable

Breathing: Inhale deeply in the starting position. Retain the breath inside while raising. In the final position, retain the breath or breathe normally. Exhale while lowering the trunk.

Benefits: Grivasana strengthens the neck, back and thighs, and improves the sense of balance.

Contra-Indications: Only people in good, sound health should attempt it. People with neck conditions such as spondylitis, arthritis, slipped disc, high blood pressure, coronary diseases, prolapse, hernia or serious eye problems should not perform this asana.

Important Note: 

Did you know that practising this asana without warm-up can cause serious injuries? Simple neck rotations, movements and spinal flexions are required prior attempting this pose.

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