FAQ About my Journey to India, Yoga and Life Afterwards

FAQ About my Journey to India, Yoga, and Life Afterwards

Some people say that India holds exactly what you are looking for. Some travel to the country of spirituality to learn yoga, some search for answers in life, others begin their journey in order to find inner peace or a new direction.

In my case, I was looking to find a way to balance my emotions and gain a clearer mind. Often, I have felt confused about what to do, where to move, which job to work, and which people to hang out with.

Traveling to India was the most inspiring, challenging, and eye-opening experience of my life. The 60 days felt like a lifetime and were filled with incredible people, memories, sceneries, and adventure.

I remember sitting at the airport in Vienna and saying to myself “If the flight is now somehow canceled, it would be totally fine for me”. Lucky it wasn’t canceled and I was able to make this move!

If you haven’t been to India, this might sound stupid, but you really don’t know how amazing it is until you have been there, who agrees?

Here I have the most common questions for you that I got asked after my travels:

  1. OMG, Why did you go to India??

Because I have always had the interest to see other parts of the world, learn from observing new cultures and find a way to integrate peace and clarity into my everyday life. India has been on my mind for a few years and it just felt right to go there…

  1. Was it a big culture shock?

Yes and no. The biggest shock was probably that there were so many people in the big cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Huge crowds, noises, and a lot of input. But then I stayed in very peaceful places like Haripur, Rishikesh Outskirts, and Agonda as well. Coming from a relatively small city I wasn’t used to SO many people in one spot. I arranged all hotels, courses, and transportation in advance so I was prepared in terms of accommodation, living, facilities. I was positively shocked by how friendly, helpful and happy people generally are. Any time I needed help or had a question/asked for the way, I always received a very polite answer.

  1. How did you feel traveling alone? Was it safe?

I felt very safe at any time. I know that many people only rely on what they read or see in the news and feel like India is not a safe place, but actually being there makes such a difference in your perspective. I felt extremely safe and at ease, safer than when I stayed in Ibiza last summer! There are no drunk, rude, or offensive people at all.

  1. What did you do in India?

I did a lot of things! First I stayed in Haripur which is a small village in the Himalayas to do some mountain trekking and help on a farm. After that, I went to Rishikesh for yoga training and stayed a few days extra for a safari and camping weekend. At last, I did some city hopping to Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi from where I flew home again.

  1. Which Visa did you have?

I applied for a 90 day E-Tourist Visa. I only stayed 60 days but that was the only option at this time. You can also get a 1-month or 1-year visa. It was very easy to get it and took only 2 days.

  1. How is it to study yoga in India?

Amazing! It makes such a difference from Europe…In my studio, yoga was nice as well but it’s a completely different story in India. Maybe because that’s where yoga is from and it’s just a lot more authentic. We practiced techniques like Jel Neti, Sutra Neti, Nauli, Trataka, and many more which I never heard of before but these are actually important parts of yoga. I found the philosophies and yogic lifestyle so interesting and still incorporate as much as possible into my life now.

  1. What did you miss the most?

I missed nothing really as I felt very present in the moments and content with my overall experience.

  1. How is it being back at home?

Good question! It’s been a little hard in the beginning as I missed India, traveling, and the feeling of endless possibilities. Once I learned how to apply my new knowledge no matter where I am or what I do, I find it much easier and enjoy myself back at home as well!

  1. What was the most unforgettable moment?

Standing on the roof-top of my yoga school, watching the sunrise, and seeing a small elephant family crossing the riverbed.

  1. Would you travel to India again?

Absolutely YES! I can’t wait to go there again, explore more, learn more about myself and get to know some more parts of this beautiful country! It’s so diverse!



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