300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training: The Benefits and Impacts on your Career

The current global pandemic has impacted all of us: everyone was forced to slow down, take a break, change their perspective and grow in an instant. We had to adapt and make the best of the situation. But being forced to stay at home and follow the lockdown hasn’t been easy. While some countries are still in lockdown, many countries especially in Europe already overcame the peak and are a little bit back to “normal”. International travel however won´t re-start any time soon, at least not as it used to be. The freedom and possibility of traveling anywhere in the world easily is definitely still on hold.

As a yoga teacher, you must have understood the necessity of integrating a healthy and daily yoga practice, diet & positive mind-set. Now it´s more important to stay calm, grounded and help others to implement stability, peace and self-acceptance. So many people have been facing increased isolation, depression and anxiety all around the globe due to this pandemic. Yoga is THE tool, science and therapy to cope, accept and still be able to live with a positive and healthy body and mind.

Using this non-traveling, staying-at-home-time to upgrade your yoga teacher status to RYT-500 and later ERYT-500 can be a useful and efficient choice that doesn´t only benefit your professional career but also personal development, growth and expertise.

During your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, you learnt all the basic subjects and techniques of yoga in a foundational and comprehensive manner. You studied the main asanas, broad philosophy and already gained some teaching skills.

The next level of training, a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, can help you to elevate your wisdom and practice of yoga to a more therapeutic and focused sphere. The pre-requisite here is to already understand and be able to teach postures. During the 300 Hour Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training at Gyan Yog Breath, the primary focus lies on differentiating between special audiences such as pregnant women, children, senior citizens, diabetics, hypertensive people etc and create modified, intelligently sequenced classes that are especially beneficial for your audience. The therapy-based live classes work on giving clear and structured insights using examples, descriptive materials and an interactive class-room environment.

Here we listed for you 5 Benefits of taking a 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training now:


1.Use your time effectively

Gain new wisdom & keep calm while this pandemic is still going on. You can use your energy, time and existing knowledge to advance your professional expertise, learn new techniques and be able to share them with your students on a completely higher level


2.Stay at home and avoid travel

It´s maybe not the safest time to travel and put yourself or others at risk. Avoiding travel  right now would be the best option to avoid the spread of corona virus.


3.Self-Paced and Flexible Studies

The 300 Hour Online YTT allows you to stay at home, be flexible and study in a self-paced and unique way. You can easily combine this training with a part-time or full-time job, family or other responsibilities. The program can be completed between 1-24 months and tailored according to your personal schedule: live classes are held every weekend all day in multiple Time Zones.


4.Save Expenses

By upgrading your YTT level to 500 Hours online from the comfort of your home, you don´t have to think about flight costs, accommodation costs and other expenses. You can not only save holidays, but also major expenses that would have likely made your YTT experience 2-3 times as much.


5.Get 12 descriptive and high-quality course books to keep forever

The 300 Hour Online YTT covers 12 expert and original books as PDFs that you can use to study for your modules and keep afterwards to refresh, re-read and revise. The course materials are about Yoga Philosophy, Teaching Methodology, Therapeutic Yoga, Marma Therapy, Pranayama and more.

Are you interested to learn more about the option to complete your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Online? Read More about the 300 Hour YTT led by Dr. Kumar, Bipin Gyan & Anki