Summer is gone, colours are changing and I’m getting cosy in my jumpers. Autumn is my favourite season of the year because of the beautiful brown, maroon, yellowish colours of nature, mild temperature and delicious veggies that the season offers. I love to eat pumpkin soup with a little nutmeg and drink homemade cinnamon-spiced chai tea. Getting cosy with blankets after a long walk in the forest truly lets my soul shine. I feel very connected in this season and love the transformational properties that it brings along.

What’s your favourite season?

Today, I will share with you my autumn morning routine inspired by the science of life or healthy living Ayurveda.

I wake up at 5:45 AM and begin my day by drinking ½ Litre of lukewarm water. Especially when the weather changes or the climate is getting colder, it’s important to drink warm instead of cold water. This supports the digestive fire and supports the immediate flushing out of toxins. Once I had my water (sometimes I add a little lemon and honey as well), I go back to my bedroom and light two candles. It’s still dark, so the candles create a really cosy feeling for me. I sit in meditation now for 45 minutes (alarm is set).

Meditating daily and having a fixed time for it with absolute silence and motionlessness is the fuel that energises me and gives me clarity throughout the day.

When I finish sitting silently, the sun has usually risen and the birds finished their morning tweets. I stretch a little and do 6 sun salutations to release energy blocks and stiffness from the night.

Taking time for myself and incorporating a mindful routine allows me to establish self-love and calmness.

Now it’s breakfast time! In autumn, my body requires a mix of cooling and heating foods. Therefore, I choose to eat cooked porridge with dates, banana, agave syrup, cinnamon and flax seeds. My porridge may vary slightly and sometimes I add another seed or nut if I feel like I need it. I love para nuts and walnuts which are also very rich in amino acids and antioxidants.

I really appreciate each morning and feel lucky to be able to take time for the nourishment of my body, mind and soul. Releasing tensions from the night or sleep is important for me to be clear and ready for the day. Once my breakfast is done, I clean the table/kitchen, vacuum and then get ready for work.

Ayurvedic Guide

According to Ayurveda, each person consists of different doshas that can be pitta (fire), Vata (air) or Kapha (earth) or a mix of two of them or all. As a pitta type, I have very demanding digestion that requires lots of energy and occasional cooling foods to keep me balanced.

Cooling foods are for example oats, cucumber, greeny leafy vegetables, curd, mint, melon, and fennel.

As a pitta type, I try to avoid over-stimulating food like too much garlic, coffee, fried or processed food.

I prefer to have a fresh juice in the morning like cucumber or carrot juice which also supports detoxification and is good for the eyes.

If you are the Kapha type, apple, berries, pear, chickpeas, dhals and grains would be suitable for you.

The vata type can add a little extra sweet to meals and benefits from veggies like sweet potato and beets.