Yoga is a healthy way of life. As a yogi yourself, you aren’t really unaware of the infallibly positive effects yoga has not only on your physical but mental health as well.

Why not introduce your kids to yoga as well? Why not introduce them to the merits of practicing yoga from as early as possible?

Go through this post on India Yoga to find out about the points that you need to keep in view when you are teaching yoga to kids.

Though most are aware of it, it is still sagacious to clarify that you need to start with the basics of yoga and perhaps continue with them for a longer period of time than what you would have done in case you were teaching adults.

At the core of your yoga teaching practices should be your efforts to make yoga age-appropriate. For pre-schoolers, you can try out story-telling methods while those aged between 10-12 years will definitely be eager to find out how their bodies are responding to chakras and asanas.

Make the whole session fun for them

Easy Pose, Tree Pose, Downward Facing Dog and Warrior II are quintessential favorites of kids. Start with them when you are dealing with really young kids. For instance, hold out your hands and link your trees together and end up creating a forest. This is a fun way to teach your kids how to balance.

Pick the right time for yoga: Don’t undermine its importance

Paying special attention to the time of the day when you are practicing is crucial to the entire yoga experience for your kids. It will not really be prudent to forget that they are extra sensitive to the changing energies during the day.

Making them practice during the afternoon or during any time when they are tired – will only make yoga a very tedious experience for them. The results, as such, will not really show.

Let them experiment

Don’t expect your kids to perfect a pose soon. Let them take it slow and easy. Who knows? They might even end up surprising you big time with their poses.

The key is to keep a watch on them but not discourage them at every stage – prohibiting them from trying out stuff that will not essentially injure them. They tend to learn in the process.

Other Tips for yoga with kids

Imbibe the value of fitness in them. Don’t try to force it. Do it naturally. There’s no harm in indulging in a few harmless lies- “What do you think makes Mowgli (Jungle Book) such an agile little soul?” “The best thing about Batman, Superman, and Spiderman?

Their fitness. No two ways about it.”

Inspire your kids in the best possible way. Make them understand why yoga is the most desirable road to freedom. Make them want to practice yoga rather than thrusting it forcefully.

Make them watch basic videos and team up your sessions with songs so as to make them more entertaining for your kids. Hope this particular post has been of help.