What is Advanced Yoga Practice all about?

Here are a few ideas on how to elevate your yoga asana practice:

Advanced yoga asana is not only about fancy yoga poses and establishing yourself as a yoga wizard who can perform yogic feats that few others can do. Yes, it does feel great when you’re able to pull off wheels with success or stand on the head with relative ease.

And, we are definitely not asking you to stop feeling good. However, let’s not forget that advanced yoga is much more about disciplining your body and mind rather than pulling off those poses – because before you are pulling off those poses you have to make yourself believe that you can do it.

Here is more about advanced Yoga Practice in India. Go through this rundown of tips that will help you grasp advanced yoga faster.

Are you ready to follow these tips for advancement?

Consider spending more time exercising. The best of yoga practitioners out there vouch for time increment. If you are practicing thrice a week you can start off by stretching it to 4 days a week.

If you’re already doing it 4 days a week, start practicing 5 days a week. You will definitely be able to experience a dramatic shift in your practice if you are ready to increase your time for the same.

There is no harm in getting uncomfortable when you are doing asanas. And, discomfort definitely does not mean pain. It means getting out of your comfort zone.

You might be happy knowing that can bend from your hips but more advanced training will help you to bend from your waist. You will not be able to pull it off until you get out of your comfort zone. That’s what we mean by being uncomfortable.

Try to shift your focus from your present style of yoga- to explore newer horizons in yoga. Are you already trying Vinyasa classes? If yes, then start off with the Ashtanga primary classes.

The changes in your practice become more noticeable when you try these changes. The Ashtanga primary classes, for instance, might find you out of breath initially. The changes, as such, become more visible as you start doing them with relative ease.

Finding the right yoga teacher: You know how important it is!

Invest time in investigating the credentials of the teacher. The most notable advantage of having a guide by your side is that you know when you are doing a pose incorrectly. VHS tapes cannot really help you in this regard.

You know that there is somebody to watch over you while you are pulling those poses off and guide you regarding the adjustments. The most important thing is that you are absolutely sure about the fact that whatever you’re doing it you’re doing it right. So, hire a yoga teacher only after studying his or her credentials well.

For instance, someone who has been a part of a reputed Yoga Teacher Training in India course should be preferred over someone with a degree from the less reputed course. Visit different studios and have a word with different teachers to find out about them.

Stay happy. Stay fit. Expand your asana practise.