What’s a Yoga Teacher Training?

Wait, what’s a Yoga Teacher Training exactly?

A Yoga Teacher Training is an intensive educational program which enables you to advance your yoga practice and obtain a great knowledge about the ancient science of yoga. Usually a yoga teacher training takes 12 to 60 days and covers 100 to 500 Hours of total training hours. If you are curious about what you will learn, how to apply and where to go, read the next lines.

A yoga teacher training at Gyan Yog Breath begins with an introduction round, during which Swami Ji welcomes each student and explains about the training. You will receive your course books, new yoga mat, neti pot, mala (Indian necklace) and weekly schedule along with an information booklet and important dates.

The daily schedule looks similar to this:

5:30 AM – Wake Up

6:00 AM – Shatkarma

7:00 AM – Pranayama

8:00 AM – Tea Break

8:15 AM – Hatha Asana

10:00 AM – Breakfast

11:00 AM – Anatomy or Alignment

12:00 PM – Ayurveda or Philosophy

1:00 PM – Lunch

3:00 PM – Karma Yoga

4:00 PM – Hatha or Ashtanga Asana

6:00 PM – Meditation or Emotional Blockage Course

The practical and theoretical yoga classes slowly build up from beginner to more advanced levels eventually. Thereby, the teachers use interactive, fun, and inspiring teaching methodologies. The use of visualizations, hands-on adjustment, whiteboard, and student-teacher interaction is very common. During a yoga teacher training at Gyan Yog Breath, you can expect to learn in a safe and supportive environment which means that you are encouraged to open your mind and heart in order to understand what yoga really is.  Self-growth, personal development, and inner transformation are great focal points and can be realized through traditional and authentic teachings/practice.

The teachers have dedicated their lives to the path of yoga completely. They hold Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in Yogic Science, Veda, Sanskrit, and Ayurveda. With decades of national and international teaching experience in yoga teacher training courses, universities, and the yoga congress, the team has established a unique and life-changing curriculum that is accredited by the Yoga Alliance USA.

You can expect to learn all about yoga from A to Z while making eye-opening friendships with fellow yogis and yoginis. The curriculum is designed so that you have the perfect mix between theory and practice. You will cover asana, alignment, pranayama, meditation, teaching practice, philosophy, anatomy, shatkarma, Ayurveda, emotional blockage treatment, and more.

During the second and third weeks, you will be teaching your own classes. Therefore, you have time to prepare. Your teachers will give classes on how to structure, sequence, and realize a yoga class so that you feel ready to start your teaching practicum.

At the end of the yoga teacher training, there will be written assessments which you need to pass in order to receive your final certification. Once all teaching practice and exams are over, you will be officially certified during the final graduation ceremony. It’s a moment of joy, gratitude, and bliss as you worked so hard to get there!

So to answer the primary question: a yoga teacher training is a short educational program that teaches you how to live a healthy, peaceful, and happy life. Secret or not very known techniques will be taught to you in order to release stress, negativity, and tension. You will be initiated into the yogic lifestyle according to Indian tradition and gain the necessary knowledge needed to work as an internationally recognized yoga instructor.

A yoga teacher training is even much more than these explanations. It’s an enriching experience that encourages profound transformation and lets your inner light shine even brighter!



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