The Best 5 Yoga Teacher Trainings in India in 2023

A Guide and Inspiration to finding your Yoga Teacher Training in India

As India is the birthplace of yoga, it might seem like a great location for your first yoga teacher training. Did you know that Yoga was first mentioned here in the ancient scriptures called vedas more than 5000 years ago? India holds an incredible wisdom of traditional yoga, a complete science and medical system that many fall in love with. If you are looking to deepen your knowledge about yoga and learn from the source, you will be pleased to know that India offers the best, most traditional and most affordable yoga teacher training courses in the world. Now, how do you choose the right school for you?

To help you with your research, we have put together a handpicked list of the best yoga teacher training programs in India. The list is based on number of positive reviews, personal recommendations from trusted sources and quality of course and lead teachers according to international standards and qualifications.

No matter where you choose to train, you will be guaranteed a transformational, life-changing and unforgettable experience in India.

Before we dive in, let us explain you the Requirements and Guidelines for choosing your yoga teacher training in India

  • You should have a sincere and true interest to learn yoga and must be willing to commit daily for a period of around three weeks.
  • It is highly recommended to have a certain amount of physical fitness so that you can be able to join all classes. You don’t have to be flexible or strong, just a regular physical fitness is required.
  • There are many yoga forms to train in. When deciding which type is best for you, we recommend starting with Hatha Yoga. It’s the foundational and base of yoga. If you train in this style, you can easily teach and train any style later on. First things first!
  • Choose a yoga school that is Yoga Alliance registered and certified, nothing else makes sense! This is the credibility you need when teaching yoga in most countries and it holds international recognition.
  • Check your budget and calculate the total amount of money you can spend including accommodation, food, travel and personal expenses. Make sure there are no hidden costs that could bring financial pressure for you.
  • Look for student reviews and testimonials! Whichever yoga school comes across your radar, watch their Youtube videos, read their Google reviews and third-party website reviews to get the real feeling for how trainees feel there.
  • Listen to your heart! When choosing your school, make sure that it feels right from the bottom of your heart. This is an intuitive process that should be led by your heart.

The Most Popular Places in India

The most famous places for doing a yoga teacher training in India are Rishikesh and Goa. However, only Rishikesh is known as spiritual and holy city, where alcohol and meat are forbidden and you get the real yoga vibe. Rishikesh has many yoga schools, retreat centers and universities. It is also popular for its international yoga festival every March and holds the name “Yoga Capital of the World”.

Goa is also a great place to be, here you will find beach vibes, friendly travelers and more of a party culture. You should choose whichever you resonate more with.

Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in India 

Have you decided that India is the place for you? Let’s see our recommended schools and what makes the special:

1.Gyan Yog BreathRishikeshFrom $1400 USD
2.Yoga India FoundationRishikeshFrom $1500 USD
3.Ashtak YogaGoaFrom $2600 USD
4.Anand PrakashRishikeshFrom $2500 USD
5.Gyan HeilyogaRishikeshFrom $1800 USD

Gyan Yog Breath

Gyan Yog Breath is a Yoga Teacher Training school and traditional yoga ashram that offers Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training in India. What makes them different is their original and therapeutic approach to yoga. Here, you will learn the roots of yoga, the traditional context and how to teach and practise yoga in modern society according to common problems.

Students from all around the globe join the programs here because of the authentic teachings (all teachers hold at least a Master or PhD degree in Yoga) and unique Modules such as Emotional Blockage® Treatment and Applied Ayurveda. Emotional Blockage® is a unique healing therapy that releases accumulated and suppressed emotions and trauma from your body and mind. You will receive and learn to give this treatment as part of your YTT curriculum.

Gyan Yog Breath aims is to provide a holistic and empowering environment for your yoga journey and teach the secret techniques of ancient yogic science in order to create perfect health, mental peace and well-being. Here, you can feel safe, understood, challenged and motivated.

While all yoga schools in Rishikesh are located in the crowded tourist center, the Gyan Yog Breath Ashram holds a very peaceful scenery directly at the Ganges River and Rajaji National Tiger Reserve in Rishikesh.

Location: Rishikesh
Style: Hatha, Therapeutic, Ashtanga Vinyasa
Offers: 200 Hour YTT, 300 Hour YTT, 500 Hour YTT, Ayurveda YTT, Online YTT & Continuing Education (Fertility Yoga, Therapy)
Price: From $1400 USD
Dates: Every month

Yoga India Foundation

Yoga India Foundation is a non-profit organization and one of the most experienced yoga schools in Rishikesh. Here, you will learn all about asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, anatomy, alignment and kriyas.

With a team of 10 deep-rooted yoga teachers who have been teaching yoga for more than a decade, you will experience authentic yoga in a supportive ashram environment.

The vision of the Yoga India Foundation is to provide truthful, high-quality, and practice-orientated yogic education with a contemporary vision, modern facilities, and a peaceful setting. The organization encourages self-growth, personal establishment, and unique expression through intuitive flow. With more than 1000 yoga teacher graduates from more than 90 countries, Yoga India Foundation has become a global community and is characterized by its experienced and compassionate teachers, and international communication skills.

Location: Rishikesh
Style: Hatha, Ashtanga, Multistyle
Offers: 100 Hour YTT, 200 Hour YTT, 300 Hour YTT, 500 Hour YTT
Price: From $1500 USD
Dates: Every month

Ashtak Yoga

Asthak Yoga is based in Arambol, Goa. It is a recognized center offering comprehensive yoga teacher training courses. It is globally acknowledged and led by husband and wife team Gaurav and Kate Malik.

The main styles of this program are Hatha Flow and Vinyasa Flow. 72 Postures are covered in detail and you will learn how to carefully adjust and explain each asana. There are various other classes such as meditation, posture alignment, theory blocks and anatomy.

Small groups and tropical setting make this place very unique! Ashtak Yoga really understands the need of connecting Indian knowledge with western society so they beautifully bridge the gap between both.

Location: Goa
Style: Hatha

Offers:  200 Hour YTT, 300 Hour YTT
Price: From $2600 USD
Dates: November until March

Anand Prakash

Anand Prakash is a well-established yoga ashram in Rishikesh following the lineage of Yogirishi Vishvketu. The yoga teacher training here is a combination of ancient texts (Vedas, Upanishads) and purifying yogic techniques carefully woven with modern teaching methodologies and research.

The classes are held at the ashram in Tapovan which provides a lively and international community feeling.

What makes this place special is the variety of classes such as mantra chanting, asana theory, practical workshops, philosophy lectures, anatomy presentations and discussion rounds. You can expect a very disciplined way of learning and lots of spiritual insights.

All teachers here are Indian origin and live what they teach. It is recommended to practice yoga regularly for at least three months before attending a YTT.

Location: Rishikesh
Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga

Offers:  200 Hour YTT, 300 Hour YTT, Continuing Education
Price: From $2300 USD
Dates: Every month

Gyan Heilyoga

Gyan Heilyoga is a well-known Yoga Center in Rishikesh that was founded in 2015. The international yoga school with both Indian and European teachers, focuses on providing you with small, intimate class settings for individualized and personalized attention.

The teachers are not only rich in knowledge, but they are also teaching from their own experience in yoga, meditation and sadhana. Besides teaching yoga asanas you will also learn the effect of some asanas on mind patterns. This will enable you to change habits and certain mind patterns and help other people in your teachings.

Every teacher and staff member of Gyan Heilyoga is passionate and committed to providing the best and most memorable experience for you. Gyan Heilyoga  is a spiritual hub for knowledge seekers to grow and nourish their souls. It is a community built on love, connection and a profound belief in the transformational powerof yoga.

Location: Rishikesh
Style: Hatha

Offers:  200 Hour YTT, Online
Price: From $1800 USD
Dates: Every month



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