30 minutes yoga

The benefits of 30 minutes yoga per day

Yoga is ideally known to unite the mind, body, and soul of those who practice the same. It is widely known to improve health, well-being, and the overall quality of life. Now, quite, unfortunately, our cubicle-bound hectic lifestyle doesn’t often allow us to set aside an hour every day for practicing yoga for health.

Those, who are really willing to explore the merits of yoga but are unable to do it simply because they can’t afford to shell out an hour or two for it every day, don’t need to despair- because of the fact that you can even turn to a 30 minutes yoga session.

Let us tell you that a 30 minutes yoga session has easily found its way in the lives of perhaps some of the busiest professionals out there and not without reason.

30 minutes yoga session - What you should know about it

If you are practicing yoga every day or every alternate day for 30 minutes then you will be able to realize the positive changes in your health because your body does respond positively to these 30 minutes yoga sessions.

However, you have to ensure that you are following a routine to secure the best results. In fact, 30 minutes yoga practiced every day or every alternate day turns out to be more effective than an hour of yoga practiced every week.

30 minutes a day is all you need to reap the best benefits of yoga. These sessions are very effective since they stretch and lengthen your muscle to the right extent thereby minimizing the risk of injury. They are also known to help us while we get older by giving us a sense of agility and balance. It is equally effective when it comes to relaxing our muscles and toning the same.

Those who have been practicing 30 minutes yoga for a long time now can vouch for the fact that it bolsters stamina and endurance.

Stress Buster

Also known as incremental yoga (practiced daily), 30 minutes yoga helps us to relax by driving away all our stress- and as a result, infuses us with extra energy to conduct our household chores or for that matter any type of activity with increased enthusiasm. And, a tension-free mind also results in better sleep.

The breathing practices of 30 minutes yoga bring much-needed oxygen to our cells. Deep breathing reduces stress levels and leads to decreased levels of hormones that cause undesirable excitement.

Now, one can easily gauge why exactly yoga is known for its supreme power of uniting our mind, body, and soul. 30 minutes yoga has earned rave reviews from its practitioners- bankers, traders, executives, teachers, and financial brokers – some of the busiest people around. The importance of practicing yoga has only grown with time.

With the passage of time, our life has only become more stressful- blame in our hectic work life or the overtly complicated personal equations. It is important to seek avenues that help us combat one of the most significant reasons behind most of the diseases- stress. We have already learned how yoga helps in that respect.